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Soothing Japanese videos

She doesn't show her face She doesn't talk She just goes about the house alone, doing her routines. She shares her thoughts, albeit...

Hold that pose!

Yoga is a state of thoughtlessness, achieved by the union of mind and body, aided by the flow of breath inside. This is why, yoga is not...

30 years of practice

I am on the last few pages of the book "Swimming in Antarctica". Its an awe inspiring story of Llyne Cox, a swimmer since the age of 5,...

I like it, but why?

Anyone who makes a trip up north of India, in the Tibetan region, cannot not get mesmerised by the "Om Ma Ni Padme Hum" prayer flags....

Free of self will

Before I go to sleep, I have started developing a ritual to read one verse of Gita. Each of the verses is so powerful and loaded with...

Take inventory of yourself

After a long night of sleep, mornings are the time to connect with one self, to take stock of how we are feeling in the morning and what...

Unrealistic Frustrations

If you have been an over achiever all your life, chances are life was slightly easier then, there were lesser things to do, lesser...

Ujjayi - Ocean breath

Whats the most calming sound in the world for you? A sound that as it hits your eardrums it instantly transports to a place deep inside ...

I feel great today!

The most important thing about feeling any 'xyz' emotions, starts off with we believing we can feel the emotion or setting an intention...

Just a little more

This year just flew by. This weekend was so short! Or was it really? What did I do? Did I idle it away, letting some theatrical mind...

Why build the core?

Core is defined as the "Tough Central Part". The human body is a skeleton with bones as the shaping support structure, except for one...

I can

I can. It starts with a feeling, it has to develop and form and build in the mind first. If it can sit there, it can be done. Doing...

How should I handle fear?

Fear urges us to act before we know what we can really accomplish. After I read this, I almost wanted to let go of all my fears to go out...

How to "Feel Awake"?

Do you ever wonder that you are just living through life, not really living life?

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