Woman looking at tea garden

Ujjayi - Ocean breath

Whats the most calming sound in the world for you? A sound that as it hits your eardrums it instantly transports to a place deep inside ...

I feel great today!

The most important thing about feeling any 'xyz' emotions, starts off with we believing we can feel the emotion or setting an intention...

Just a little more

This year just flew by. This weekend was so short! Or was it really? What did I do? Did I idle it away, letting some theatrical mind...

Why build the core?

Core is defined as the "Tough Central Part". The human body is a skeleton with bones as the shaping support structure, except for one...

I can

I can. It starts with a feeling, it has to develop and form and build in the mind first. If it can sit there, it can be done. Doing...

How should I handle fear?

Fear urges us to act before we know what we can really accomplish. After I read this, I almost wanted to let go of all my fears to go out...


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