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Take inventory of yourself

After a long night of sleep, mornings are the time to connect with one self, to take stock of how we are feeling in the morning and what we would like to achieve in the day. Why, because we don't wake up feeling the same thing every morning. And what we feel will set the tone for the whole day if we dont take time to connect, reset and reestablish.

Yoga has been one of my best companion in establishing that connect with the body. Every yoga pose is an opportunity to pause, breathe and scan the body, from the base of the legs to the top of the head, to drive deeper into that balance and stretch. I always start with the legs - Am i grounding them? are they flexed?. Is my spine straight? Is my hand stretched out up to the sky? If my face relaxed? Are my shoulders relaxed? Can I stretch a little more with that exhale? How is my breathing?

Just doing this (1) takes me out of any thoughts / worries that I might have woken up with, and (2) it connects me to my body, so i can feel what I am supposed to feel after that yoga pose, and (3) when nothing works, I know I need something else that day :)

Take inventory.

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