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Just a little more

This year just flew by. This weekend was so short!

Or was it really? What did I do?

Did I idle it away, letting some theatrical mind numbing experience take over without me savoring a moment to truly feel its presence? Life is not short, but we waste too much time in idleness vs taking in the moment. Time doesn't wait for anyone, it will pass and slide, but we let it slide without feeling its beautiful touch. Do it just a little more and feel the expansiveness of time and life.

Can I breathe a little more and feel my lungs filling in before I take another breath?

Can I enjoy the morsel of food a little more before I take the next bite?

Can I enjoy the beauty of the flowers shining in the sunlight a little more before I take out my phone to take a picture?

Can I feel the droplets of every water on my body as I take a shower a just a little more before I get out of the shower?

Can I listen to my friend a little more before I let a thought of my next meeting take over

Can I pause a little more and reflect on yesterday before I get anxiety about tomorrow

Can I?

Yes I can and I will.

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