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Thoughts that control our breath.. DONT

I was walking back from my run in the park today morning and I realised a thought had creeped up on my mind. It was one of those thoughts that comes up and binds hard into the nerves, the brains , the construct of the mind - pushing everything out. It is hard to let go.

With every step, I tried to distract myself and take in the early morning beauty - dried leaves on the ground with the eucalyptus brown, sun shining behind the clouds, people walking into the church - but the thought stuck hard and was still there.

Then I tried to take my attention closer in. They say - the solution is usually closest to the problem itself. I noticed that despite me just coming out of a run, when I shoudl be breathing heavy and deep. I was taking in short breaths.

And just then I realised... It was like an epiphany!

When something is worrying us, we want to escape it, we don't want to fully embrace it. This manifests in we taking in shorter breaths, akin to not taking the thought fully in, just letting it go like quick blows.

Dont let that happen. Dont let them takeover. Dont let the graffitti stick on the wall and keep itself painting going in haphazard circles to no end!

Because we know better. We know breathing deep and breathing long can clear the mind, calm it down and make the thought go away.

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