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Unrealistic Frustrations

If you have been an over achiever all your life, chances are life was slightly easier then, there were lesser things to do, lesser worries and lesser people to care for in your life, than what you have right now.

Now as you are ageing, the pile of work, and responsibilities are increasing, and so is your body's need to take breaks and rest.

You have high expectations for yourself. You want to feel fulfilled across the four quadrants - You want to do great at your job, you want to have a passion project, maybe even a retirement project, you want to have strong friendships and relationships, and you want to go contribute to the world with a social cause... And you have full confidence that you have it in you to achieve it.

But that mega new year resolution is hanging up the wall and ageing with every passing day. Its already end of June, half the year, 172 days, 24 weekends have flown by...Why? Whats the solve?

Chances are the mega plans were so mega and aspirational that they never got broken down into smaller realistic chunks. Unfortunately, Realistic is a word not found in an over achiever's dictionary, but to keep your sanity and respect all those incredible changes in life, recognise that it is worth a try and one of the great ways to move forward from the current 0 state.

Dream, have the mega plan, but then break it down into smaller mini goals. Be realistic about the time you have, all you have to do and the need for relaxation. It is OK to not do everything at all times. Take a deep breath out and let somethings go to the future. And take a deep breath in to really take in the few things you want to focus on and be good at everyday, every week, every month of this year.

My dream -> Mega Plan -> Weekly effort and weekly celebrations.

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