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Ujjayi - Ocean breath

Whats the most calming sound in the world for you? A sound that as it hits your eardrums it instantly transports to a place deep inside that is soothing and relaxing!

If you have ever been by the ocean, you know that one of those sounds is that of the ocean waves or the wind through the trees. Its repetitive shhhhhhhhhhh shhhhh syncs with our breath - its inhales and exhales, and we connect with the waves as we would connect with our breath to bring the sense of calm inside. The literal word for the sound of the wave is called "susurration"

This sound of the wave is inside all of us and can be achieved by Ujjayi breathing. Ujjayi breathing is called victorious breath. Your victory is the one mindedness and composure you experience by grounding yourself in the calm breathing of Ujjayi. Unwavering.

I remember being filled with thoughts, upset about not waking up on time, missing a series of errands. To get me out of my slump, I had put on an online yoga class and was going through the poses half a mind unconscious to the flow and the other half upset about the morning. Then, I heard a gentle voice encouraging me to breathe Ujjayi breath. Pretty instantly my entire system slowed down and a sense of calm came over me!

How to practive ujjayi breathing?

Sit comfortably.

Shift your focus from whatever you are doing to your breath

Take a deep inhale in and as you exhale, constrict your throat, keeping the mouth closed (without any tension in your teeth, jaw or throat), creating an audabilityof the breath, similar to the sound of the waves of ai passing through the trees.

Control the exhale with diagphragm and stomach muscles.

Empty out the lungs. Hold a second and inhale in with the same constricted throat.

Take a few breathes in and out, dissolving into the heavy and calm tones of Ujjayi breathing.

In your yoga tool box, and in your life tool box, keep this breath technique wherever you go! I find it so empowering to be able to cultivate these inner resources whereby I can learn to tune in and switch from a reactive state to a proactive state of experiencing. This is the magic of breath.

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