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Tratak Kriya: Art of focusing on a candle flame till tears drop, resulting in inner purification

After being guilty about not taking care of eyes, that has been leading to dry and fatigued eyes, I have been trying to spend time on how best to take care of our eyes.

My Google search results have been as you would expect - after 30min and going through 23 articles, i just found a lot of solutions, with half hearted explanations and nothing conclusive to take action on!

Eye has been one of the most studied organs of the body; we don't have as much research on how the brain works- including where do ideas come from; we still dont know about gut health and the impact of mood on gut health, but when it comes to how the eye works, we have come a far way.

However, taking care of the eyes is a topic, like a lot of other 'taking care of the body' topics, has been less researched on. Dry eye remedies - limited

Maybe the answer is inside of us. The organ in inside of us, we have a sense of awareness, and we have a feedback mechanism that can give us early signs of what works.

I am still on the journey of figuring more about the eye works and finding out ways to balance the strain on my eyes. But in the meantime I will tell you a few things that have worked for me:

  1. Accupressure points around the eye: Take your index fingers or thumb at the base of the brows. Starting from the inner corner of eyes, put some pressure and gently (listening to and slowing down where it feels good), glide along the skeletal bone. Similarly trace the bone below the eye. I do it once, and feel a deep sense of relaxation for the stressed muscles

  2. Gentle pressure on top of the eye: Close your eyes, take your index and middle finger together and put a gently pressure at the center of the eye. Do it 3-5 times.

  3. Eye exercises: Such a must for me to open the eyes and just energize the eyes tired by looking at screen 30cm away all day. 10 rounds of look up-look down, look right - look left, look top right - look bottom left, circles, squeeze, strech out the hand focusing gaze on the top of the index finger, zoom out, zoom in!

  4. Cucumbers: Place one slice of cucumber each on the eye and get into sleep! This is becoming my favorite bed time rituals

  5. Tratak: Watching a flame, the tip of the flame, in a closed dark room, focusing focusing focusing, till the tears roll out. The release of tears from the eyes, causes apparent purification, but feels so relaxing for the eyes.

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