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Free of self will

Before I go to sleep, I have started developing a ritual to read one verse of Gita. Each of the verses is so powerful and loaded with thought, that reading just one even is enough to think and reflect.

Last night I read Gita Verse 27 that says:

Abiding joy comes to those who still the mind and senses, who free themselves from the taint of self will and unify with their consciousness.

Ofcourse I want that abiding joy, and I can understand how I still the mind but how do I get onto the path of freeing from the senses and self will...

And just practicing this thought for a couple of hours, I am realising that remembering this verse at the back of the head can have profound impact. When you know you can tell your brain that I dont want to watch the movie but rather listen to the deeper voice that says write your journal, or I dont want to sleep additional hours, because the deeper voice is saying very very softly that I would rather reflect...

Life just got simpler! I end up doing things that I deeply want to to vs what my flickering senses what me to do.

There will be a journey, I will falter, but then I have my Gita ritual for the night to remind me every night to start back on the preferred journey :)

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