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I like it, but why?

Anyone who makes a trip up north of India, in the Tibetan region, cannot not get mesmerised by the "Om Ma Ni Padme Hum" prayer flags. These omnipresent colorful flags flutter in the Himalayan mountain wind, capturing any photographer's eye.

Because I "liked" them, I brought home one loop of these flags with me. And just today morning as I was looking at them, enamored with them, I asked myself, what is it about these flags that I like so much?

It's funny, how sometimes we just think we like something, but cant really explain the depth of the feeling we experience with them. We dont think about it enough. What is it exactly about that that I like, what part of me is it connecting with, why do I feel like I take a pause every time I look at it?

So here am I reflecting at my love for the prayer flags...

First, I think everytime I look at them, it takes me back to the magic of Spiti valley. And the more my flags are ageing, the more they are reflecting what I witnessed there..

But I think more deeply, it captures the ferocity and strength and beauty of nature all at once. The flags are unlike leaves that when they flutter in the win, due to their light weight and hinge at the top, they flutter so much and so fast, that you connect with the energy of the wind and somehow see it. Its like they want to escape and run out, like chasing the mountains call!

The 5 colors, simple basic, red, blue, yellow, green and white, break the monotony of any environment and add the spark of color to it!

And if you look closely inside its a prayer that even as you say it in your mind it meditates you. Its the prayer that hits the soul...

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