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How should I handle fear?

Fear urges us to act before we know what we can really accomplish.

After I read this, I almost wanted to let go of all my fears to go out and accomplish great things. But then a second later fear engulfs again...

We have two kinds of fears (1) Fears we are born with, and (2) Fears we build up.

Over the course of evolution, we humans have developed some innate fears that served us really well in nomadic ages to save us from danger, which includes fear of snakes, fear of dark, fear of fire, etc. Now the human history goes on for the last 1M+ years and we are living in our current form for only the last 2000 years, so a lot of these fears do not work now.

And secondly, with the environment we live in, and what we see around, we end up developing new fears - fear of travel, fear of losing someone, fear of jumping into the water, fear of strangers. Maybe we heard someone drown, maybe we lost someone we loved, or maybe we were just told to be fearful about something it could be due to a lot of things that affected us at an early age.

If somewhere you are realising you have a "fear", here is 5 things you can do to get over it:

  1. You are not your fear. Talk to your fear Have a conversation with your fear like you were talking to a friend. Ask where the fear is coming from, why do you fear it, what could happen and can we get over it?

  2. What is the worst that can happen Sometimes we fear for things that are not that scary. Talking loud about what is the worst that can happen and are you ok with that situation, prepares you to jump right in!

  3. Cant physically do it, try it in your head Some other times we are fearful of doing it p-hysically and even trying something for the first time because we might fail. But what if we practice in the head till we become good! There is enough and more evidence that states that, when we think about doing an activity, the brain sends neural signals to the respective muscles. Thereby it not only builds the neural pathways but repeated mind practice strengthens those muscles!

  4. Get inspired by others We all have unlimited human potential. If someone else can do it, you can to with practice. Look for inspiration, read their stories, talk to them if thats available

  5. What is the life you want to live Is the fear holding you back. Wouldnt you want to let it go? And isnt that worth the effort of atleast trying?

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