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30 years of practice

I am on the last few pages of the book "Swimming in Antarctica".

Its an awe inspiring story of Llyne Cox, a swimmer since the age of 5, who goes from swimming in her local pool to creating the world record for swimming in the ice cold sea of Antarctica in 30 years.

Its a story of big dreams and moving towards the goal one step at a time every year for 30 years! Llyne swam everyday since the age of 5. At 12, Llyne joined a teenage group to swim the open waters of South Catalina, from there she went on to swim the English Channel, then to Nile, to Cape of Good Hope to Australia and around the world. She slowly kept building her stamina for longer swims and her body's tolerance for cold water from 20min to 2hrs over 10 years!

She was at it, she practiced, trained and when the moment came, pushed the boundaries of human endurance just a little bit to be better for the next one! Absolutely incredible. Each chapter leaves you gripped as you see her getting into the zone for starting the swim, becoming one with the water during the swim - navigating the unexpected challenges that come in the open sea (waves, currents, sharks, fog, temperature drops!) and then pushing herself hard when she has no energy left and sprinting to the shore to reach the goal she set for herself...

It made me wonder, I am 33, what would I like to do when I am 63?

What can I keep being better at everyday?

Incrementally and transformationally?

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