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Soothing Japanese videos

She doesn't show her face

She doesn't talk

She just goes about the house alone, doing her routines.

She shares her thoughts, albeit silently, of a regular individual who is trying to be better everyday, experimenting with productive routines and creating an environment that would nourish her.

Her themes revolve around "cherishing time", "winding down routine", "productive morning routines", "slow cozy days" etc. Every video is layered with thoughtfully chosen jazz music in the background and a text overlay of her thoughts.

Nothing feels rushed. She is never on a clock. And she is never counting. But in those 10 minutes, it feels like she has accomplished so much! And thats why her videos are calming and a master lesson in leading an even life.

Her typical 10 min long youtube videos show her in the house, stopping by to hold her cats, taking gentle care of her plants. making desserts and tea, playing music, reading a book, painting her nails, working.

This is nao's youtube channel. If you havent found her, go watch her videos.

Whenever I am looking for an escape, her youtube videos are my go to!

I have seen other videos with similar aesthetic, but she does it the best and its because she is pure. She shares her failures, her indulgences, and her practices. She is true to her routine, and it feels like she is genuinely enjoying what she is doing.

Give yourself a little treat and go watch her :)

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