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Hold that pose!

Yoga is a state of thoughtlessness, achieved by the union of mind and body, aided by the flow of breath inside.

This is why, yoga is not an exercise fad to loose a couple of kgs, but it seeks a higher objective, the ultimate state for the human experience on earth.

To achieve this state, yoga's ultimate objective, takes time and efforts.

Yoga aids the process, but shifting through poses quickly doesn't help in the process.

It is important to get into a yoga pose, and really really connect with it, get past the muscle tension and discomfort, but then breaking through it to a state of flow.

Hold your poses.

Start with 10sec, 20sec, 1 min, 2min, 5min to upto 10min for the master poses of head stand, shoulderstand, etc.

Today I decided to hold each of the 25 poses for 1min each.

Ofcourse it was more draining, but there was also a stronger feeling of connect, like I really exercised the body, from inside. In the poses I could feel the power of breath, but transition from discomfort to a calm. I felt calmer.

Try it!

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