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I can

I can. It starts with a feeling, it has to develop and form and build in the mind first. If it can sit there, it can be done. Doing things that help the mind break the barriers helps in achieving "new cans"

Do you know how an elephant is trained? An elephant is usually brought in as a child and his legs are tied up with a big powerful chain. The elephant tries and tries, but fails. As it grows bigger the chain size doesn't increase in strength but because the elephant's mind has only learnt to fail, it doesn't even try!! In reality the elephant becomes so powerful as an adult that it can easily break the weak chain and set himself free!

We all have failures on our daily basis, we also happen to remember our failures more and brood on them more. Wins are like desires, one happens and we think about the next. This can lead to restrictive thoughts in our mind and reduce our capabilities to imagine the reality of "new cans".

Either we build this super habit of trying something new everyday or use meditation to train the mind, but one other thing I have learnt to use is my morning yoga practice to build that deeper feeling. I use the movement to meditate on a thought and think about what I have and what i can.

Sirsasana, head stand. It is hard, it needs practice, you take support of a wall at the start, you go up and down, you shake, sometimes have to just jump and feel that you actually didn't hurt yourself to try again and again and again to one day realising that you can.

Every day of Sirsasana is different. Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it doesnt, but on all the days I need to focus because we don't stand up side down everyday. Slowly lifting my legs off the ground and reaching the top needs focus, once I do I feel "Yay I have" and I can actually do anything I want to if I focus and practice. I breathe and breathe. I can feel my abdomen, shoulder and wrists becoming stronger. Breathe in breathe out.

I am stable, I am at ease. I can.

You can.

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