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How to "Feel Awake"?

Do you ever wonder that you are just living through life, not really living life?

Do you end up getting bored of your driving, walking routes or end up finding new things?

Do you feel frustrated by nature and people or amazed by it?

If the former is true for the above questions, it means you are not awake. You havent opened up your self to accept the world, learn from every moment and make it better. You have closed yourself, your ego has taken over.

We would all like to be true, passionate, raw forces of nature. We are unable to do that (1) because we dont know who we are, what resonates with us (2) We have clouded or confided it in ego, anger, fear, etc.

For most of us, it is easier to know what to let go, before trying to figure out who we are truly. And just the process of letting might unveil the same.

So the next time you sit down to meditate, meditate to let go.

For me, it is about anger. I sit down and think about the times I have been angry, why it caused me anger, how I can give it up, why did i feel so weak to showcase my anger, how can I not be angry.. It doesnt solve it immediately, but makes me conscious about my anger the next time and I am able to disassociate from it.

When you wake up tomorrow, really wake up, feel your senses getting out from the sleep state to the awake state, what changes you are feeling in the body, what was that dream you had, what do you want to do today. Set a mood and then take on the day!

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