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How to build accountability for workouts

We wish we worked out daily.

We wish workouts were easy

We wish our workout plans didnt get thwarted by another voice in our head.

Incidentally all these "wishes" happen before we decide to workout. Once we do decide to get ourselves on the mat / gym / station, and get moving, the adrenaline rush after makes us fall in love with the workout. We again wish we will do this again!

When we know it is good for us, what makes it so hard to move everyday? Accountability

Here are 4 things you can do to build accountability:

  1. Get a workout buddy!

  2. Join an online or physical program 4-week, 6-week, 10-week is good to start with

  3. Set an intention everynight before you sleep. Set out your clothes. Visualize the workout, the challenges you may have to deal with your mind, how will you overcome them and most importantly remember how you will feel after!

  4. Make a physical calendar and hang it on your mirror. Mark the days you didn't workout with a reasons why you didn't "I thought I wanted to sleep"

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