How to achieve what you want to achieve?

We achieve something not just one fine day with a stroke of hard work and luck, but marching towards it everyday.

But with all the distractions there are these days and how our brain gets wired to slip intro distractions, the march is not easy.

One of the most useful things I have found is by consciously asking myself "is this what I really want to do this moment". Now it might just sound very taxing to keep asking the question everytime we switch to a task, and what if we forget to ask the question, but it is so easy once we just tell our minds that this is what i want to do. It will subconsciously ask you the question! Thats how amazing our mind is!

And once you have your own mind send accountability to yourself, it's easy, because it is not going away. You don't want to let your intention down. Try it!

The only bigger problem you need to also have an answer to is "What is it that you want to do that moment?" Have a broad plan of what you want to achieve, how you want to spend your day and then its easy to switch from "oh yea this is not what I want to do" to "I want to do this"

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