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How to be a force of nature?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

We all humans are forces of nature. We are nature! We have been birthed into this magical world, where we must bloom to live our best and then go.

But how do we make sure that we bloom and live our life to its ultimate best?

The answer lies simply in finding our purest form without any obligations, expectations and comparisons!

Which is achieved by living a disciplined life every single day. By being conscious of where we are spending every minute of the day and asking ourselves 'is this what I really want to do in this moment'. It feels tedious to think of doing this, but building an inner voice that keeps the judgement scale active as our mind moves from one activity to other or slips into an activity helps to make sure we are doing the activity for ourselves not because of temptation, others etc.

The above discipline is a practice. A practice that slowly and steadily unleashes the inner you, hones the inner you and uses all that life has to offer to multiply the power of inner you!

Imagine the power of wind, the vastness of the sky, the warmth of sun rays, the beauty of a flower. Its pure. Its varied. There are 40,0000 crores stars in just our galaxy milky way. Each of the star shines its own light, unperturbed about what others around it do. It might again feel stupid of me to us humans to the sun and the stars, but the simpler point is there is beauty in the shining light of 40,0000 stars, vs dim / closed / fake 40,0000 stars!

Be your own light!

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